Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly has passed a bill to ban “objectionable” music concerts at public and private educational institutions, a ban that includes hip-hop music.

All HipHop report that the resolution was passed this Tuesday, January 24, with a majority vote, after amending the original draft to include the word “objectionable”. The passage of the resolution places “intense scrutiny” on anyone listening to music “deemed to be in poor taste”.

Two of the incidents that have provoked this bill are, reportedly, the death of three students following a stampede after an Atif Aslam concert in Lahore, and when a member of Chicago group FEW Collective was detained by authorities for taking photos of “sensitive installations” after a show in Rawalpindi.

Other issues addressed by the bill include stopping the waste of money obtained on loans from international financial institutions, curbing population growth and passport issuance. And we’re guessing that on top of hip-hop acts, the British Murder Boys and Fucked Up aren’t too welcome either.



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