oOoOO, one of the first artists to release music on the few-more-cult Tri Angle label, has announced a new EP.

Titled Our Love is Hurting Us, it features five new tracks from oOoOO, including two collaborations with Butterclock. Not much is known about the record – as is usually the vibe with oOoOO, and Tri Angle in general – but it was assembled in New York, Berlin and oOoOO’s hometown of San Francisco, and will be released on April 10.

Tri Angle’s last release, Lies’ Ballad (the work of label boss Robin Carolan), was pressed in a limited run of 100 copies, and will apparently appear in stores in small quantities, staggered throughout 2012.

Our Love is Hurting Us tracklist:

1 – TryTry
2 – Springs [ft. Butterclock]
3 – Starr
4 – Break Yr Heart
5 – NoWayBack [ft. Butterclock]



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