“Reading” is, in drag queen circles (http://t.co/DSEEBk0E), the “real artform of insult” – and Brooklyn rappers Zebra Katz and Njena Reddd Foxxx provide a pure, undiluted take on it on ‘Ima Read’, their contempt for their opponent slicing through the bass-heavy beat like sharpened nails. “Imma take that bitch to college, Imma give that bitch some knowledge,” sneers Katz; “It’s gon be cohesive, it’s gon be my thesis,” confirms Reddd Foxxx with terrifyingly calm relish.

Rappers so fierce they can cut to the bone with just a tongue-lashing and some side-eye: this is where vogue culture meets hip-hop in a mutual emphasis on dissing and oneupmanship. This is the future.

Update: The video, embedded below, is also brilliant.

Alex Macpherson



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