Kyle Bobby Dunn – ‘An Evening With Dusty’

If eternity turns out to be glorious then it will sound like Kyle Bobby Dunn. ‘An Evening with Dusty’ was originally “composed & arranged on Christmas Eve in 2004 for an electric guitar, piano during coffee with Dusty and her mum” and doesn’t it sound like it? Most of us will at least have some remembrance of the overpowering potency that December 24 can potentially carry, and Dunn just seems to effortlessly glide into these incredibly wondrous emotional states that melt your heart though the minutest of musical movement.

Whilst peers like William Basinski and Tim Hecker bathe in decaying media or distortion, Dunn embraces a purer, stronger tonal clarity and keeps a sly sense of humour about him. ‘Dusty’ is forthcoming from the double CD Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn, which will be released on Gareth Hardwick’s extraordinary ambient/experimental label Low Point label later this year. If this is your thing then you really need to dive in to their magnificent back catalogue – a haven of meditative exploration built from the sounds of silence.

Jonny Mugwump



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