Matthew Dear has collaborated with John Foxx on a version of the latter’s ‘Talk’.

The original ‘Talk’ appears on the new album by John Foxx & The Maths, The Shape Of Things, which is due out on March 19 via Metamatic Records. Invited to contribute to a new version of the song, Dear decided to overhaul it completely, adding his own vocal parts and intense percussion lines, while staying true to the original’s stark sound design. The Dear-featuring version, entitled ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’, will be available as a bonus track on the single-CD edition of The Shape Of Things.

The noirish electronic pop sound that Dear has been exploring in his own work, particularly on 2010’s Black City, owes a great debt to Foxx, who founded Ultravox and led them through their most interesting period before embarking on a boundary-pushing solo career, beginning with 1980s’s Ballardian classic, Metamatic. Recently the veteran British artist has been working with synth wizard Ben ‘Benge’ Edwards as John Foxx & The Maths. The Shape Of Things is the Maths’ second album, following last year’s well-received Interplay; they’ll be supporting its release with a tour as a four-piece band. More information here.

We’ll be premiering ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams’) on FACT next week.



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