Though he came to wider attention through a handful of warm, harmonious productions which some might tar with the ‘post-dubstep’ brush, Gerry Read’s series of singles on Fourth Wave last year pointed to an altogether darker, funkier take on house music.

At their best, his productions – rough-and-ready sounding but skillfully executed – could almost be some kind of twisted 6am warehouse fodder, were it not for a healthy dose of gritty machine soul lifted straight out of Chicago.

‘Yeh Come Dance’ is Read’s first release on Delsin, and inaugurates a new house series for the label. The title track loops a semi-comprehensible vocal over an unfailingly patient bump, while Crawlspace picks up the tempo slightly, presumably with the club in mind. ‘Bozza’ works on a ratio of nine parts ultra-syncopated percussion to every one part abstracted piano-and-vocal sample, and Crooked rounds things off in weirdly intense fashion, all dirty hihats and murky bongo hits.

What’s consistently on display is the rare mastery of micro-groove that makes Read’s music a pleasure to behold both on and off the dancefloor – this one’s likely to find fans in unexpected places.

Stream: Gerry Read – Yeh Come Dance (samples)




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