The 13th installment of the Madlib Medicine Show series, released by Stones Throw in conjunction with Madlib’s Invazion label, is set to appear on March 1.

According to Stones Throw, the release – the final installment in Madlib’s ambitious project to put out an album a month – was delayed because printing presses refused to run the artwork, which has been described as “mutant porn”. Eventually they found an “offshore press specialising in fringe adult publications” willing to do the job. Appropriately, the album is age restricted to those 18 and over.

You can listen to a track from the release, ‘DOOM vs. Jadakiss’, below. As you might imagine, it features verses from the two rappers shunted up against each other, bound together with the kind of virtuosic bricolage we’ve come to expect from the LA-based producer. More info on the album here.

In addition to Black Tape, Stones Throw will be putting out all 13 Medicine Show releases as a box set, due for release on March 27 – more info on that here.

Madlib Remix: Doom vs Jadakiss by Rappcats



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