Floating Points is set to debut his live show at London’s Fabric on Thursday 8 March.

The performance is for the 3rd birthday party of Eglo Records, the label Floating Points (real name Sam Shepherd) runs with Alexander Nut. Also due to play on the night: Funkineven, Alex Nut, Arp 101 (live) and The Eglo Live Band, featuring Fatima, Oliver DaySoul and Shuanise. More information and tickets can be found here.

FACT caught up with Shepherd to talk about the live incarnation of Floating Points, his natty Buchla synth and upcoming releases on Eglo.

“I can’t be without certain – heavy – machines.”

How come the decision to do a live show now?

“We did this last year at ATP as a one-off with my friend Will, as part of an A/V project we’re working on. It went down well I think… the audience at ATP was mega-nice!”

What will your live set up involve, in terms of instruments, equipment?

“A few drum machines and samplers, and a couple of synthesisers including this strange Buchla device which can create some unpredictable sounds. It’s all routed into a mixer, but there’s this software which I put together over the past few years which generates timecode and can sort of ‘understand’ whats going on with all the machines.”

Will you be mostly playing your previously released work, or will the set be geared more towards new compositions?

“A bit of both I think. Some strange noises, some over-indulgent piano playing…”

“Expect some strange noises, some over-indulgent piano playing…”

Are there any people you’ve seen play live that you kept in mind when putting this live show together?

“There’s people who I love to see play electronic music live. I think Four Tet’s shows are great; last year at MUTEK his set was just incredible. Also Monolake, Alva Noto, Morton Subotnick and I’m really into the Being Dufay project too. I’m yet to see Amon Tobin’s ISAM project, but videos of that look bananas.”

Are there plans to tour with this live project?

“Despite a lot of advice to keep the set-up slim, I can’t be without certain – heavy – machines… [but] sure, I’d love to. Will see how it goes!”

What are your plans for the near future?

“Finish uni, build studio, record!”

What’s coming up for Eglo this year?

“There’s an Eglo double-CD compilation that’s dropping soon with a track from everything we’ve put out so far and lots of exclusive material from everyone. A Fatima and Funkineven collaboration EP, Gifted & Blessed presents The Abstract Eye EP… plenty more from ARP 101. New material from Shuanise. Lots of stuff.”

As told to Tamara El Essawi



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