BT has been in talks with major and indie labels with a view to launching its own streaming platform.

According to The Sunday Times, BT are looking to enter the music streaming market, putting them up against competition like Spotify and iTunes. Having been in negotiation with labels over the last year, an unnamed source at BT suggests that the project is now about to become a reality.

Although an official announcement has yet to be made, the Times suggests that the service will involve unlimited music streaming for subscribers. Considering that BT Online already has somewhere in the region of 6 million subscribers, the project could have a substantial impact on the current streaming landscape. Reports about the service first surfaced late last year, but BT is said to have “stepped up its efforts” substantially in 2012.

BT aren’t the first company of their ilk to dabble with the world of music streaming. Virgin already offer a limited period of free access to Spotify as part of their bundle. Sky, meanwhile, trialled the ill-fated ‘Sky Songs’ streaming platform, which lasted the best part of a year before it was pulled.





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