All 13 albums of Madlib’s Medicine Show project have been compiled as one package, simply titled The Brick.

Released across the last two years and two months, Madlib’s Medicine Show albums each have a different theme, from Advanced Jazz to Africa; Black Soul to Brazil, each delivered with that on-to-the-next-one aesthetic that’s distinctly Madlib. Medicine Show albums with odd numbers deal with “original hip-hop, remix, beat tape and jazz productions”, while even numbers are “mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music”, samples sourced from legendary producer’s mountainous vinyl collection.

Obviously 13 albums is a lot to expect even the most dedicated fan to buy, so it’s a smart move for Stones Throw to package them together. The Brick will set you back $99; shipping from the label is expected on March 27.

Back in 2010, FACT contributor Mr. Beatnick compiled the Essential guide to Madlib’s work, both solo and collaborative. It’s a great, great piece, and you can read it here.



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