The inventive R&B singer has returned with a free three-track EP.

LA-based singer Miguel, affiliated with J. Cole, has thrown out an excellent free EP for download. The nattily titled Art Dealer Chic Vol 1 is purportedly the first in a trilogy of mini-releases, with the remaining two instalments to follow in 2012.

The first track, the wonderful ‘Adorn’, is a twinkly love jam underscored by a vaguely threatening buzzsaw synth. ‘That I Do (FTRMX)’ is much more strident: a fraught hodgepodge of R&B signifiers that wouldn’t sound out of place on the LuckyMe roster. ‘Gravity’ closes the album with a Slugabed-style analogue bassline, over which Miguel’s voice is free to soar.

You can download the EP gratis here, or peep the video to ‘Adorn’ below.




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