Swoonsome coldwave from the stylish Canadian double-act.

Listening to Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. II, it’s clear that much of the charm of these buried pop songs lies in their dilettantism. Cobbled together from the rudest of materials by bedroom auteurs, the best of these tracks display a winning vulnerability. Perhaps that’s why contemporary takes on the sound often miss the mark: they’re all gloss and no heart. ‘Wait For Me’, a new track from Montreal duo Brusque Twins, does it right.

‘Wait For Me’ isn’t short on lustre, but there’s a strong ear for tension and release at work here: the balance between iciness is lushness is bang-on. Set against the romantic sweep of the instrumental, Hollie Hensman’s delicate vocal recalls fellow Twin Elizabeth Fraser.

The pair, currently being championed by No Fear Of Pop, previously released an EP on Enfant Terrible. A Voice In The Night is due on Visage Music on 6 March. You can download ‘Wait For Me’ here.



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