Sonic Router’s inaugural release, out next month, will come from Dutch beatmaker Torus.

The eponymous 6-track EP will be available as a limited edition cassette – though to salve the souls of those of us who abandoned our tape Walkmans at the age of thirteen, the digital package will come with a couple of remixes. The first of which, by Slugabed, we premiered a couple of weeks back. The second, by Belgian producer Dynooo, you can stream below.

He takes EP highlight ‘Forests’ – a track so quiet and delicate it’s barely there – and refashions it as a tunnel vision loop that phases in and out of focus. It’s gently psychedelic and pretty relaxing at first, but there’s something unsettling lurking just under the surface. Not sure what, but it’s there.

You can pre-order the cassette edition of the EP – which comes with sixteen minutes of additional material – here. You can also watch a beautifully shot mini-documentary on Torus below:



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