Dubstep ensemble LHF have always stuck to the shadows. Collecting their recordings is a little like assembling jigsaw pieces – who are these people, and where are they heading next?

Two new transmissions from the camp, spotted by Bitzl R, offer some pointers. Following on from their EP3 – Cities Of Technology release, LHF mystic Amen Ra has snuck out two new tracks under his own name.

‘Oracle’ sounds like something cobbled together in the Radiophonic Workshop. Twinkly analogue shimmers are counterpointed by a drum pattern that sounds like leaves crunching underfoot. ‘Delicate Hand’, meanwhile, is a spookier affair: timestretched voices and eerie FX gurgle and splutter over tribal percussion. Equal parts LHF and ESP, it’s the stronger of the pair.

LHF’s debut LP, Keepers Of The Light, is due out on Keysound on April 2. Further new tracks are available on Amen Ra’s Soundcloud.


‘Delicate Hand’



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