When it comes to electronic music, the word ‘family’ gets bandied about a fair bit.

But Eglo live up to the title better than most. The label has always looked after its own, bringing its artists back for successive releases and building an impressively cohesive sonic identity in the process.

ARP.101 has been part of that family since 2010, when he emerged with a couple of blinding records’ worth of steroidal boogie and hyped up digital soul. Initially one of your identity-shrouded-in-mystery types, it’s since come to light that it’s an alias of drum’n’bass man Alix Perez.

He’ll be performing live for Eglo’s 3rd Birthday party at Fabric next week – which we previewed here – and in the spirit of the occasion, he’s made a free track available through the Eglo Bandcamp. The appropriately titled ‘Mystery Man’ is more or less what we’ve come to expect – loose-grooved machine funk, daubed with widdly arpeggios and enslaved to an improbably meaty snare. Here’s hoping we hear more from the ARP in 2012.



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