The Denver spitter is aided and abetted by Danny Brown on his new single.

You might not have encountered Denver native Catch Lungs, previously of rap collective ‘Fresh Breath Committee’. If not, ‘Gotta Kill This’ is as impressive an opening gambit as you’ll have heard in a while.

Catch’s machine gun rattle – playful, dextrous, breathless – is excellent, and Donny Goines adds some gruffness to proceedings. But it’s left to Brown, hip-hop’s preeminent fancy-fringed lunatic, to tear the track apart. His urgent flow is as incendiary and endearingly weird as ever (sample lyric: “suck it til she get all the hummus”). And that Mass Prod beat is pretty irresistible – its thick interlocking synths and stop-start drum track provide a magisterial backdrop for Catch and co to do their thing on. Highly recommended.

‘Gotta Kill This’ is available to download here.



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