Dan Snaith can do no wrong these days.

His sideways move onto the dancefloor – largely as Caribou but also, increasingly, under the Daphni moniker – has been welcomed by all and sundry, not least because he’s held on to a hefty chunk of his own identity.

His remix of Sinkane’s ‘Runnin’’ stretches the 2 1/2-minute original out to a chugging, majestic 7-minute slow-burner, paying lip service to the original through judicious deployment of the vocals and guitar but mostly going its own merry way. Snaith’s knack for keeping the energy levels stratospheric without settling for predictable structures and sonic cliches is in full effect. There is a drop, kind of, but you’d better be prepared to wait for it.

Stream: Sinkane – ‘Runnin’ (Daphni Remix)’



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