Graham Dowdall is a brilliant percussionist and ambient composer with a long and vibrant history of collaboration with such uneasy figures like Nico, John Cale and Pere Ubu. The contrastingly warm and icy soundscapes of his solo project Gagarin is the main heart of his current activities.

Ralph Cumbers, meanwhile, is a prolific unpredictable musician who has been orbiting the edges of contemporary electronica for a while now with a variety of different and equally mesmerising projects: the plunderphonic surrealism of Cospeh Jonrad, the rhythmically sophisticated analogue improvisations of Some Truths, the strange warm post-rave industrialisms of Ekoclef (in collaboration with Ekoplekz) and his long-standing old-skool flavoured Bass Clef moniker, all located at the Magic + Dream blog.

Gagarin’s under-rated 2011 album Biophilia sucked contemporary bass textures into typically beautiful psychogeographical abstract realms and for this newly released remix on Dowdall’s on Geo imprint find Bass Clef upping the pace of the original and sprinkling some rave-like fairy dust around the edges.

Jonny Mugwump



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