Peter Kember – better known as Sonic Boom – has been a fairly towering influence over British psychedelia over the last two decades.

As well as being a founder member of Spacemen 3, Kember has also clocked up a pretty hefty stash of releases under the aegises of Spectrum and Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R). In April, Vinilisssimo Records will reissue two of Kember’s earliest non-S3 works on vinyl.

The first of the pair is Sonic Boom’s Spectrum, originally released in 1990. The album was produced when Kember was still on duty with Spacemen 3, and features contributions from fellow members. Kember would go on to take that record’s title as a new alias: it was under the guise of Spectrum that he released 1992’s Soul Kiss (Glide Divine), the other album to get the reissue treatment. Said LP is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Richard Formby, Mike Stout and Geoff Donkin. A more exploratory work than Spectrum, it gestures towards the drone-influenced soundscapes Kember would later produce with the E.A.R project.

Both Spectrum and Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) will see release on April 16.

Spectrum tracklist:
1. Help Me Please
2. Lonely Avenue
3. Angel
4. Rock N’ Roll Is Killing My Life
5. You’re The One
6. Pretty Baby
7. If I Should Die

Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) tracklist:
1. How You Satisfy Me
2. Lord I Don’t Even Know My Name
3. The Drunk Suite (Overture)
4. Neon Sigh
5. Waves Wash Over Me
6. (I Love You) To The Moon & Back
7. My Love For You Never Died Away, But My Soul Gave Out And Withered
8. Sweet Running Water
9. Touch The Stars
10. Quicksilver Glide Divine
11. The Drunk Suite
12. Phase Me Out (Gently)



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