Over the weekend, the world discovered that the former King Of Pop’s full back catalogue had been raided by hackers.

Over 50,000 files had been snatched directly from Sony Music’s private database system. It appears, however, that the offenders were less adept at covering tracks than they were at stealing them.

NME now reports that two men have been arrested and charged with the hacking. James McCormick, 25, and James Marks, 26, were charged under the Computer Misuse Act and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act last Friday. The duo were allegedly arrested for the offences back in May 2011. Sony Music’s statement on the issue reads as follows:

“We confirmed the breach last May and immediately took steps to secure the site and notify authorities. As a result, two suspects were arrested. There was no consumer data involved in the incident.”

Sony Music had previously paid in excess of £150m for the rights to the deceased singer’s canon. Material lifted from the archive included duets with Freddy Mercury and will.i.am.



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