As if Radiohead hadn’t caused enough of a commotion this morning, footage of a new track from the band has emerged online.

As NME point out, the band have aired a new song in Texas, titled ‘Skirting On The Surface’. Yorke introduced the song as “another song that no-one’s heard yet”. Despite that disclaimer, avid Radiohead-watchers might experience a little deja vu: Thom Yorke has previously showcased a version of the track on his solo tour.

In contrast with The King Of Limbs‘ skittering electronics, ‘Skirting On The Surface’ focuses around a slinky groove that sounds like it could come from a vintage library music compilation. Yorke’s lyrical preoccupation with the sea (cf ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘Weird Fishes’ et al) continues, with lyrics about “diving under the surface” and forces “trying to pull you through the ice”. It’s definitely one of the band’s more meandering cuts, but it finds its feet when Jonny Greenwood’s balmy synths creep in near the end. Drummer Phil Selway may or may not be manipulating a maraca. You even get some brilliantly floppy Yorke skanking thrown in for good measure.

It’s not the first new track to see the light of day on the tour. Two (rather fine) new songs are already percolating around the internet.




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