Ladies and gentlemen, bets are off – we’ve already found the most entertaining news story of 2012.

Bradford Cox, frontman of woozy indie-rockers Deerhunter, certainly had an interesting Friday evening last week. As Pitchfork report, Cox spent the evening performing under his Atlas Sound guise at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Take a breath: things get pretty outlandish from here on in.

Having already emerged onstage with his face shrouded in a ski mask, Cox worked through a couple of tracks from his 2011 LP Parallax. A plucky audience member bellowed a request for Cox to play The Knack‘s ‘My Sharona’. Cox subsequently went on to play the track, without break or respite, for an hour. A full hour. Members of the support bands – some evidently more enthusiastic than others – were coaxed on stage to contribute to the interminable jam

A journalist from City Pages paints a pretty compelling picture of the event: “[The openers] war visibly uncomfortable and beginning to question the sanity of their esteemed proctor, unwillingly locked in some twisted, Doomsday clock performance of a 70s hit…[Cox] asked people to take their clothes off. He shouted seemingly intoxicated defences about his art. He simulated fellatio.”

The mind-warping performance also included a mass chair-lifting and a stage invasion. Cox, speaking for generations of put-upon musicians, repeatedly warned the crowd that “this is what happens when you make requests”. You can see Cox’s batshit revenge fantasy in action below:




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