….No Malice. Sorry, it’s a bit of an anticlimax, we kmow.

Malice has, in fact, been considering the change for a while. Ever since he found religion last year, he’s been opening talking about changing his rap name to distance himself from the connotations – mostly drug dealing – associated with Malice.

In a new video to promote his upcoming album Hear Ye Him! [below], No Malice dons a natty shirt and bow-tie combo to put the old name to rest – naturally with the help of a glamorous mourner in a white fur coat, and various quotes from the Bible.

In other Clipse news, we’ve got a box-set edition of Pusha T’s last album, Fear of God II: Let Us Pray to give away. It features a signed copy of the album, a girls (or very slim boys) size Pusha t-shirt, and some badges. If you fancy winning it, drop us a line at competitions@thevinylfactory.com with the subject ‘Pusha’.



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