According to the Stones Throw press bumpf, lo-fi one man band Vex Ruffin remains the only artist signed to the label on the basis of an unsolicited demo tape.

Los Angeles based Ruffin is quick to downplay his virtuosity: “I don’t know how to play the guitar, I just do the one finger thing”. If he lacks technical chops, Ruffin’s certainly got good ears. His new Eulogy EP, available for free download as of the wee hours of this morning, is a wonderful set of bashed-up pop confections.

Ruffin specialises in sweet pop melodies, playfully rendered and wreathed in fuzz. Simplicity is the order of the day here: take ‘Secret Weapon”s cyclic mantra, repeated over a coldwave drum track and a looping synth ostinato. ‘Perfect Congestion’ shows Ruffin summoning his best Lux Interior impression over a tinny SP 303 drum program. And closer ‘Space Out’ is a brilliantly loopy three minutes of blurry psych-rock. Fans of Stones Throws’ James Pants will find plenty to enjoy here, as will admirers of Horrid Red‘s recent gem Celestial Joy.

You can – and should – download Eulogy in full here. Ruffin has a full-length due towards the end of 2012, and will be making appearances at Coachella and SXSW.




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