The latest joint from David Kennedy has been doing the rounds for a little while now.

Seasoned Hessle-watchers will have heard the track in Kennedy’s set for The Boiler Room last year, and ‘Untitled’ has been floating from radio show to radio show ever since. Surus Records are set to drop ‘Untitled’ tomorrow, coupled with another track, titled ‘Footloose’. As Juno Plus note, a lengthy snip of the track is now streaming over at the Surus website.

All the traits of Kennedy’s classic Ramadanman singles are here: pointillist percussion taps; processed vocal hooks situated halfway between man and machine; eerie synths that simultaneously thrill and chill. There’s also a stuttering synth line that’s pretty moreish on first listen; by the third spin, it’s totally addictive. This is the first official Pearson Sound release we’ve had since that Night Slugs cut back in 2011, and it’s good to hear that Kennedy’s brand remains as solid as ever.

‘Untitled’/’Footloose’ is available as a 12″ and download from Surus on March 9.




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