The faux-Teutonic half of production team Hot City has a shuffling slice of hybrid-house on the way.

Haus’ label Unknown To The Unknown has released material of artists with an ear for classic sounds and an eye for collage. Folks like 5kin And Bone5, Slackk and DJ Q, to name a few, have all plundered two decades of dance music and reassembled its elements into something new. Haus himself has followed suit with the brilliant ‘Needin’ U’ – a track that at once knows its history and knows how to avoid repeating it.

The interesting thing about ‘Needin’ U’ is how it manages to synthesise lots of familiar elements into something singular. A stuttering house lead stop-starts throughout the track. You get Detroit-style woodblocks clattering away at one end of the mix. The reverb-heavy vocal sample, gruff and lusty, could come from ‘The Dummies Guide To…House Music’. And yet the track rattles along under its own internal logic, managing to sound fresh rather than hokey. It also offers a good example, à la Katy B’s ‘Broken Record’, of how a judiciously placed breakbeat can operate like a defibrillator, shocking a serviceable track to life.

You can listen to a radio-grab below, courtesy of Rinse FM. The track is due on Unknown To The Unknown later this month.




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