Experimental duo Sculpture last raised their head in these parts with a winningly bewildering extract from a long piece titled ‘Slime Code’.

The composition – the inaugural release on patten’s Kaleidoscope label – is now available to download in its entirety. If that wasn’t enough, a second video extract has also been posted up for your collective perusal. According to the label, the freeform piece was “performed live to 8 track tape…7 unique dubs to C20 compact cassette were executed by DH, and a digital edit was compiled from the C20s”.

The second extract from the piece is a real electronic gumbo: wheezing drones, rumbles of static, Raymond Scott style plinks-and-plonks – everything merges into an involving four and a half minutes of synaesthetic noise. Whereas the last vid was a pulsing M.C. Escher swirl, the new clip is a quaint, pier-side blend of parrots and seagulls circling at high-speed.

Slime Code is available for free download via the Kaleidoscope webstore, where you can also pick up the recording on limited edition cassette.






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