Ukranian house producer of the moment, Vakula, will release a new album this month under the name V.

Titled The 13th District, the news comes less than a month after Vakula had announced another album, a self-titled affair under the name Vedomir.

Resident Advisor report that The 13th District will actually come out before Vedomir, making it his debut full-length. RA continue to explain that “the two records are distinctly different in style: while Vedomir continues on the weird and modern trajectory Vakula’s been on as of late, V goes for more of a classic deep house feel (while maintaining his left-field flair).”

Seattle label Nuearth Kitchen will release The 13th District later this month.


01. Untitled I
02. Untitled II
03. Untitled III
05. Untitled V
06. Untitled VI
07. Untitled VII
08. Untitled VIII
09. Untitled IX
10. Untitled X
11. Untitled XI
12. Untitled XII
13. Untitled XIII



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