Japanese producer (and Goth Trad associate) ENA last turned heads with 2011’s ‘Sign’, a slice of delicate, glitch-indebted dubstep.

Where that track centred around a plink-plonk bass track, ‘Analysis Code’ shows ENA thickening out his sound. Peep at that title, and you might expect something meticulous and regimented. Not so: ‘Analysis Code’ is about as amphibian a piece of burbling electronica as you’re likely to encounter.

ENA clearly sets up his stall some distance from the dancefloor. Instead, you get a cabassa rattle, twinkling gamelan sounds, the indistinct rumbling of machinery humming in the background. The indigenous signifiers bring Shackleton to mind, but there’s a textural plenitude here – a clottiness – that sets it apart from its contemporaries. The slippery bassline, sleek and wet, slithers from one end of the panning spectrum to the other. At intervals, a fizzy synth erupts into the mix; the effect is like a flare being set off in the dark. Stunning.

‘Analysis Code’, backed by another cut titled ‘Splinter’, is due out on 7even Recordings next week.




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