Operation Doomsday is no stranger to the reissue treatment: who can forget last year’s ‘2xCD lunchbox edition‘?

The 1999 hip-hop classic – released before the metal-faced one decided to shed the ‘MF’ and up the capital count – will re-emerge next month on DOOM’s own label. The new double-vinyl edition has been comprehensively remastered, and comes packaged in a silver foil sleeve embossed with an image of DOOM’s trademark mask. The set also arrives pressed on excellent-sounding “Gun Metal coloured vinyl”.

If the thought of yet another DOOM reissue doesn’t exactly throw you into conniptions of excitement, fret not: the self-styled super-villain’s collaboration with Jnerio Janel is set for release in May on Lex Records.

Operation Doomsday is released on April 9, courtesy of Metal Face.

1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)
2. Doomsday
3. Rhymes Like Dimes (ft DJ Cucumber Slice)
4. The Finest (ft Tommy Gunn)
5. Back In The Days (Skit)
6. Go With The Flow
7. Tick, Tick… (ft MF Grimm)
8. Red & Gold (ft King Geedorah)
9. The Hands Of Doom
10. Who You Think I Am? (ft M.I.C.)
11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit)
12. Hey!
13. Greenbacks (ft Megalon & King Geedorah)
14. The M.I.C.
15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit)
16. Dead Bent
17. Gas Drawls
18. ? (ft Kurious Jorge)
19. Hero Vs. Villain (Epilogue)



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