Bristol’s Idle Hands is fast developing a sound all of its own.

Its remit looks pretty broad on paper – from the sun-dappled house of Outboxx to darker warehouse offerings from the likes of AnD. But, taken as a whole, a common aesthetic starts to emerge: slow, groovy, and built around ample, foundation-juddering bassweight.

Newcomer Alex Coulton’s contributions are pretty clean and stripped back compared to, say, grotty Bristolian techno a la Kowton – more functional than oppressive – but there’s still plenty of common ground. Both ‘Candy Flip’ and ‘Brooklyn’ deploy the kind of brooding xylo-basslines you might find in a menacing 2 step record from yesteryear, framed with a lean, understated shuffle likely to find fans on dancefloors across the board.

Angus Finlayson



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