It’s no surprise that Rustie’s been tapped for a fair bit of remix work over the years.

The Glaswegian has a knack for making the dancefloor explode, pushing things to such extremes that it’s no longer clear whether he’s deadly earnest or the whole thing’s an elaborate pisstake.

No different with this version of SebastiAn’s ‘Love In Motion’. As you might expect, Rustie takes the comparatively louche original and pumps it up almost beyond recognition. The result is steroidal piano house, Mayer Hawthorne’s vocal pitched up to chipmunk proportions and slathered in egregious filter sweeps. You’ll spend most of the track’s 3 1/2 minutes willing it to drop into a pummeling four to the floor, but Rustie, his eye on maximum dancefloor destruction, holds things off until the last possible moment.

Angus Finlayson



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