Canadian imprint Electric Voice Records have assembled an enviable roster of leftfield song-/beat-smiths for a bumper new compilation.

As No Fear Of Pop observe, FACT favourites Horrid Red and Ariel Pink pop up on the collection, as does eccentric troubadour R. Stevie Moore. As an apertif, the folks at Electric Voice have kindly made a track from bonkers pop-merchant d’Eon available for free download.

It’s certainly a different d’Eon to the one we saw on the wonderful, drifty Music For Keyboards set. ‘Transparency Part III’ throws out a whirligigs of clicks, taps and hits – in short, a fantastic collage of annihilative noise. The cumulative effect sounds like a rattlesnake crawling over an MPC. Glacial synths stretch and shine above the chaos. Even taking all the scattergun electronics into account, there’s something oddly human about the track: d’Eon sounds like he’s haltingly, haphazardly improvising with himself. We’re already ten plays in, and it gets better with every listen.

The Electric Voice Compilation will be available in full on April 8.


1. “Dutch Me” Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
2. “The Stand” Jeff & Jane Hudson
3. “Always (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)” Soft Metals
4. “Panties” HTRK
5. “A Que Quieres Jugar” Femminielli
6. “Ikabe” Automelodi
7. “Transparency Part III” D’eon
8. “Machine Speak” Innergaze
9. “Flight 777” Jef Barbara
10. “Transparent” Passion Party
11. “She’s a Mask of You” Pink Playground
12. “For Phaedra” Chevalier Avant Garde
13. “In The Summer” Colours
14. “Oxy Love” Rape Faction
15. “Neanderthal Man” Grand Trine
16. “Multitasker” Catbag
17. “Coldest Lips” The KVB
18. “Colored Lights Part II” Horrid Red

Joseph Morpurgo



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