The tracklist for Levon Vincent’s Fabric 63 has been revealed.

We’ve known that Vincent was compiling Fabric’s latest mix CD for some time – it is, in fact, the first commercial mix of the New Yorker’s career – but it’s only now that Fabric have revealed the contents within it.

All artists included in Vincent’s mix come from a core group of New York DJs and producers: there’s Deconstruct’s Anthony Parasole, Levon’s old Underground Quality pals Jus Ed and Fred P, New Jersey boy DJ QU, and two lesser-known artists in Joey Anderson and JM De Frias. At the centre-piece of the mix, naturally, is Levon’s 2009 smasher ‘Double-Jointed Sex Freak’.

Fabric 63 will be released on April 23 in the UK and Europe, and May 22 in the US.

01. Joey Anderson – Earth Calls
02. DJ Jus-Ed – Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix)
03. JM De Frias – Intrinsic Motivation
04. Levon Vincent – Stereo Systems
05. Levon Vincent – Polar Bear
06. DJ QU – Times Like This
07. Levon Vincent – Fear
08. Levon Vincent – Double-Jointed Sex Freak II
09. Joey Anderson – Hydrine
10. Anthony Parasole – Tyson
11. Levon Vincent – The End
12. Black Jazz Consortium – Blacklight
13. Levon Vincent – Early Reflections
14. Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II
15. Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away



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