London producer Becoming Real has made a new track available to download.

Becoming Real makes hybridised two-step, by turns indebted to Night Slugs gleam and the softer elements of grime, and has opened up for the likes of Mount Kimbie and SALEM in the past. A new mini-album is on the way in May; to warm us up, he’s dropped the icy ‘Snow Drift Love’.

That grime influence is clear in the first minute: you get an eerie electric piano figure, centred around an eski-friendly semitone interval. A familiar range of voguish figures follow: female R&B vocal, spliced and sliced; nods to vintage house; syncopation galore. Becoming Real’s sound is a little ruder than his contemporaries – the “future-garage Ital” isn’t a tag that’s going to shift thousands of units, but it’s not far off the mark – but don’t expect the shock of the new. Still, there’s enough pep here to keep ‘Snow Drift Love’ from moseying into aimlessness.

You can download ‘Snow Drift Love’ below.

Joseph Morpurgo



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