It was almost inevitable that Travis Stewart and Jim Coles would collaborate.

Last year’s Rooms saw Machinedrum fuse footwork’s rhythmic twitch with a junglist sense of sugar-rush euphoria; Om Unit, meanwhile, made the link more explicit through a series of footwork-jungle reworkings under the excellent pseudonym Philip D Kick.

As you might expect, then, their work as Dream Continuum is ingenious crossover material. ‘B Free’ kicks things off with a classic rushing drop, guaranteed to get the molars grinding for any jaded junglists out there – though the payoff is more 808 than Amen. ‘Giv A Lil Luv’ trades in lumpen piano chords and a rinsing breakbeats, while ‘Set It’ riffs off a schlocky new age monologue and woozy pads which sound like they’ve been run through a cheap tape deck circa 1995, before looping up ragga chants and dense drum machine-meets-breakbeat syncopations.

You can stream the Reworkz EP in full, exclusively at FACT, below – tell us it’s not a winning combination. It’s out on Planet Mu on March 26.



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