Given their stratospheric profile these days, it would be easy for The Boiler Room to stick to covering Minus showcases in Berlin and the odd industry festival.

Fortunately, they’re not too keen on that idea, as evidenced by last week’s takeover from The Wire – certainly the most uncompromising thing that Boiler Room’s infamous chat room have had to deal with for a while.

The magazine’s picks gravitated towards stern esoterica, with live performances from Helm and Emptyset, and a DJ set from Mira Calix. The highlight, though, was Raime’s 60 minute mix – proof, if ever you needed it, that there’s a certain kind of existential dread that spans genres and decades. An “existential dread continuum”, if you will.

Click below to stream the mix, which roves across the musical landscape from deeply abstracted dub to scorched industrial and – if you hold out to the end – probably the most relentlessly punishing Jeff Mills track you’ll ever hear.

Stream: Raime – Boiler Room mix



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