Seven Jeff Mills mixes, dating from the late 80s, have been brought to our attention via Little Detroit [via XLR8R].

The mixes date back to a time when Mills – going by “The Wizard” in those days – frequently guested on The Electrifying Mojo’s show on WJLB radio. The show, now legendary, was instrumental in the birth and development of Detroit techno, and had a formative influence on second generation figures such as Mills.

The mixes are hell for leather affairs, cutting energetically from techno to acid house to hip-hop, at a time when the boundaries around the sound were far from clearly defined. They also feature plenty of involved mixing and the odd bit of scratching – a far cry from Mills’ seamlessly blended sets these days.

You can stream or download all seven mixes below – though you’d better be prepared for grainy, ripped-from-cassette sound quality (as if that’s a bad thing these days).



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