Update: After speaking to Hypercolour, it emerges that the two other tracks on the Eva Mendes EP are ‘Murderous’, featuring vocals from Ben Westbeech (a.k.a. Breach), and ‘Accidentally’, a collaboration with legendary house vocalist Robert Owens (!)

Following last year’s garage and niche-inspired ‘Bax’, and his techno-leaning Wavey EP, Mosca’s next release turns its attention to slinky house.

A Mosca single for Hypercolour / Glass Table has been in the pipeline since 2010, in fact, but two cuts from it have hit the web in recent weeks. The stand-out from the two, ‘Eva Mendes’, seems like a perfect fit for Hypercolour, who – with past releases coming from Huxley, Maya Jane Coles and more – specialise in house music with one eye on big rooms and another on timelessness. Hypercolour singles are generally as safe a bet as you can get on a dance floor, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

You can stream a radio rip of ‘Eva Mendes’ below.



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