Shangaan electro producers BBC have been remixed numerous times by producers closer to home.

On Honest Jon’s recent Shangaan Shake collection, both Mark Ernestus and Antony ‘Shake’ Shakir revamped cuts by BBC. In an interesting role reversal, BBC themselves are now on re-rub duty, tackling a track by Legowelt’s Nacho Patrol project. The 12″ single, titled ‘Lines Angola’, is due soon on KSE.

Legowelt’s Afro-inflected project Nacho Patrol has been on the radar since about 2008. His most recent record, 2011’s The Africa Jet Band, was a spirited set, grafting the sound palette of Afro-beat onto rhythmic structures taken borrowed from classic House.

The Nacho Patrol version of ‘Lineas Angola’ plays a squirming acid bassline off against the sound of shakers and melodions. BBC’s ‘Shangaan Electro’ mix is as lo-fi, breakneck and irrepressible as any of their formercontributions to 2010’s seminal Shangaan Electro collection.

It’s not the only eyebrow-raising Legowelt release to see the light of day this month. The Dutchman has just readied a new EP inspired by, of all things, Jersey-based detective show Bergerac.




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