Actress hoping to release second album of 2012 this Summer

Actress has talked more about Ghettoville, his second planned album for 2012.

It’s been known for a while that Actress was planning to release two LPs this year – R.I.P., his latest for Honest Jon’s, is due out next month – but in a new interview with The Stool Pigeon, the Werk Discs label-head and ghost haus auteur reveals that Ghettoville will “hopefully” be released in July.

Actress also confirms that new material from Lukid is due out on Werk in the future, as well as “releases from two as-yet unnamed producers”, one male from Wolverhampton and one female from Athens.

“We haven’t released anything for a good while now, because (a) we were changing distribution, (b) I was getting caught up in Splazsh, and also for me personally I’d been doing the label by myself for five years, running the label and making music at the same time, so it just felt like the right time just to give it a breather and see what’s going on, see where people’s heads are at… And in that period of time music’s actually changed quite a lot, you’ve got labels like Tri Angle, Hippos In Tanks… It’s interesting when you take step back to view the scene as a whole, and how things are moving. You learn a few lessons.”

“It’s all about the next phase now really, so of course there’s new music, but we’ve never been a label that’s released a huge amount of records.”

You can stream Actress’s classic FACT mix below.




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