Diplo in the dock: did he steal that beat for Azealia Banks?

Yesterday evening, NY rapper of the moment Azealia Banks uploaded a new track to her Soundcloud, ‘Fuck Up the Fun’.

Produced – apparently – by Diplo, the Soundcloud page is currently under siege by friends of Dutch Bubblin’ producer DJ Master-D, who claims the beat is simply a lift of his track ‘Mad Drumz’.

You can hear ‘Mad Drumz’ below (note: the video is from three years ago, as opposed to the Soundcloud upload made by Master-D today), and it’s undeniable that the tracks are very, very similar.

It’s not the first time accusations like this have been made this year: in January Zomby was accused of getting hold of the vocal stems for his 2011 single ‘Natalia’s Song’ through underhand means.



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