Diplo in the dock update: beat goes down as a collaboration, Azealia Banks working with Lana Del Rey

Earlier today, a new track by Azealia Banks, ‘Fuck Up the Fun’, caused a bit of a fuss in internet land.

Billed on Banks’ Soundcloud as a production by Diplo, it emerged that the track was almost identical to a Dutch Bubblin’ cut titled ‘Mad Drumz’ by DJ Master-D – a point that various of Master-D’s friends, acquaintances and fans made rather loudly on Banks’ page.

Diplo has since sent an email to Pitchfork aiming to clear up the dispute. In it, he claims that the track was a collaboration between Master-D and himself that included a sample of ‘Mad Drumz’, and that the mistake was on the part of Banks, who has since changed the information on her Soundcloud to reflect this change. “Mad Drumz’ was a staple in my set for years”, Diplo claims, and he hopes that using the sample will “get kids into bubbling”.

“These guys are my homies,” Diplo contimues. “If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks. I’m so excited for her whole party right now. She’s not afraid of doing anything and a lot of people are following suit.”

To say the track merely samples ‘Mad Drumz’ is a pushing it we’d argue – it’s practically the same track, with a slight rearrangement and perhaps a minor paint job. If that’s Diplo’s work, then fair enough, but to call it merely a sample (if anything, it’s an edit, but that’s another argument for another day) is an understatement, just as, if all the track has been given is a minor touch-up, it’s probably an overstatement to call it a collaboration. It’s also odd that, considering these allegations were flooding Banks’ Soundcloud since this morning, neither Diplo or Azealia addressed the issue until now. A simple Tweet, with Master-D’s co-sign, would’ve cleared the whole thing up straight away.

Still, if Twitter’s anything to go by then Master-D and Diplo are friends again now, so all’s well that ends well. Two other people who are apparently friends, are Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey – Banks Tweeted this evening that she’s currently working on a remix for the opinion-dividing Born to Die singer.



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