Last year, Talk Talk’s untouchable Laughing Stock was reissued to wide acclaim.

Two more albums from their canon are now also set to get the dust-down treatment in 2012. Next month, EMI will re-release 1986’s The Colour Of Spring and 1988’s Spirit Of Eden on vinyl and DVD. The former, home to ‘Life’s What You Make It’, is the band’s most commercially successful record by some way. The sprawling Spirit Of Eden, by contrast, sees Talk Talk plunging themselves into more experimental territory: its lengthy tracks and textural inventiveness lay the ground for what was to follow with Laughing Stock.

Both reissues will emerge on 180g heavyweight vinyl, cut from the analogue master. Both also come bundled with a DVD of the parent album, containing 96kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mixes of the albums. The digital discs will come augmented with an extra B-side apiece (‘It’s Getting Late In The Evening’ and ‘John Cope’ respectively).

The Colour Of Spring and Spirit Of Eden are due on April 16 via EMI.

The Colour Of Spring tracklist:
Happiness Is Easy
I Don’t Believe In You
Life’s What You Make It
April 5th
Living In Another World
Give It Up
Chameleon Day
Time It’s Time
It’s Getting Late In The Evening (DVD bonus)

Spirit Of Eden tracklist
The Rainbow
I Believe In You
John Cope (DVD bonus)



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