Space Dimension Controller's debut album, Welcome to Mikrosector-50 due in October

Space Dimension Controller’s debut album will be titled Welcome to Mikrosector-50 and released this Autumn – probably October.

The Belfast-based producer, a firm fixture in R&S’s stable since 2010, has been pushing his lavish brand of space-funk further into the realms of concept records of late, a trend that Mikrosector-50 will, apparently, continue.

In an interview with The Quietus, SDC reveals that the storyline that’s run through several releases and really took centre-stage on last year’s Pathway to Tiraquon 6 will become “really blatant”.

“I’d love to have that as part of the live show as well … I’d love to do a live, almost space opera thing, so between the tracks have people come out and act out the bits between the tunes that are on the album.”

And as for how the record’s likely to sound? “[It’s] going to be proper funk stuff, more song-y than anything I’ve ever done before … I want to hit back on the John Carpenter shit that I did on the last one, just for the more storytelling tunes, the more atmospheric ones. There’ll be a lot of vocals on it as well, with me doing the voice I usually do, the Mr. 8040 voice.”

We’ve embedded SDC’s brilliant 2010 FACT mix below.



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