Ossie, UK Funky’s ever-adaptable mover’n’shaker, seems to shift gear with each new release.

The London producer broke through with 2010’s ‘Tarantula’, and has subsequently released on Lightworks and Hyperdub. As XLR8R note, Ossie has now revamped a track originally performed by his own group Black Orange Juice. The original is a brittle piece of vocal-led house; Ossie’s ‘me-mix’ (to coin a phrase) skews the mood.

Much of Ossie’s previous work has been inviting; here, he sounds commanding. Whereas the ‘Set The Tone’ 12″ was unashamedly jubilant, ‘Back Of My Car’ offers much a more malevolent kind of thrill. ‘Tantuntula”s sonic tics are crawling all over the track: luminescent droplets of synth, crafty percussion programming and a sucker punch Funky rhythm. The exotica of some of Ossie’s previous work, however, is absent, replaced by a beefiness that fits him well. A sinister processed vocal, closer in spirit to John Foxx than any of the Funky brigade, foregrounds the stranger elements of the track. UK Funky is typically front-seat, roof-down, speakers-up music; ‘Back Of My Car’ takes us on a driving into darker territories.

Black Orange Juice’s ‘Back Of My Car’ is released on April 14 on Somethinksounds. You can grab the remix by clicking here.

1. Back of My Car
2. Nobody Knows
3. Back of My Car EP [Ossie Remix]
4. Messing Around



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