Jamel Moss, one of contemporary Techno’s more sufi-like figures, has uploaded three fresh tracks onto his Soundcloud.

The Mathematics Records boss has released no shortage of arcane (and invariably analogue) singles over his substantial career. The Soundcloud tracks, spotted by Dummy, offer a broad snapshot of Moss’ idiosyncratic approach to music-making.

‘Spiralling Out Of Control’ is a clattering number, a jumbled assemblage of drum pads competing against a synth lead straight out of the Drexciya playbook. As that title implies, there’s a hint of chaos. Yet, this being Hieroglyphic Being and all, these disparate elements are arranged with geometric precision. The result is a compelling piece of low-spec, high-impact techno.

‘The Vanity Syndrome’, by contrast, is muffled and muted. The percussion is wreathed in distortion: rampaging drums murmur away in the background; kicks crunch and degrade; a cymbal shatters like plate glass. The mood, oddly enough, is tropical, but Moss threads the composition through with strings of digital bleeps and pops.

‘tache floue de l’amour de folio interminable’ starts off with a shredding techno beat, all treble and no bass. For 30 seconds, it’s the harshest cut of the lot. Moss, however, flips the track on its head: an amniotic synth wash surges into view, pulling the sting from those rattling drums. Anxiety swiftly gives way to analgesia. Moss, it seems, is doing just fine.

Joseph Morpurgo



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