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After something of a hiatus, Mordant Music return as both label and artist with a typically enigmatic, abstract and beautifully skewed piece of sonic psychogeography. Now in its 10th episode, the Travelogues series has allowed Mordant to operate unfettered outside of concerns for structure, duration or narrative sequence.

However, that’s not to say that there isn’t some kind of foundation to build upon. Concrète in nature and modus operandi (as in treading the…) ‘Sync Lair’, like previous excursions, alchemically blends field recordings and electronic detritus in to a conflicting prism of emotions.

This edition finds Baron Mordant treading the rotting boards with London’s magus of the walk Iain Sinclair – waves of echo, sparse raw drones, snatches of voice and that typically Mordant engagement with a decaying landscape pitched ambivalently in a strange place between reverie and estrangement. Any encounter with Mordant Music always leaves a sense of future shock, the onrush of time being a source of alienation even if you never belonged to begin with.

‘Sync Lair’ announces the eruption of a “slew” of releases from what is undoubtedly the UK’s finest label – a truly exciting prospect and the chance for the remainder of the year to be bent immeasurably out of shape.

Jonny Mugwump



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