Reissuing a maligned or out-of-print record is a relatively straightforward task: tweak some of the sonic infelicities, sling on a bonus track or two, then reap the spoils. Repackaging a capital-C Classic, however, requires a little more blue sky thinking.

Paul Simon’s 1986 LP Graceland has been a fairly major cultural presence over the last 25 years. As Exclaim report, Legacy Recordings have chosen to mark that album’s 25th anniversary with – count ’em – four different reissue packages.

Deep breath: first up to bat is a 2xCD/DVD set, featuring a remastered copy of the album, five extra songs, an audio-only documentary about the record, music videos, and a SNL performance. The collection also comes bundled with Joe Berlinger’s recent documentary Under African Skies, which follows Simon as he returns to South Africa to meet his former collaborators. Fans looking for something heftier can also opt for a 2xCD/2xDVD set, which is augmented by a 1987 concert film from Zimbabwe, extended interview material from Under African Skies, an 80 page book, and ephemera including a poster and a lyrics pad.

Graceland 2012 v.3 is a remastered vinyl edition, released as part of Record Store Day on April 21. The LP comes bundles with a poster and digital copy of the album, bolstered with three bonus tracks. Finally, the discerning Simon fan can also pick up a tantalisingly titled ‘ultra-deluxe’ box set. It’s basically the mother of all Gracelands: you get the box set, the heavyweight vinyl, and a signed and numbered poster to boot. The latter, strictly limited edition, is available from Paul Simon’s website,

The four faces of Graceland will arrive on June 5.



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