Surkin - 'Lose Yourself' (Rustie remix)

Electro-house producer Surkin has been given an overhaul by Glaswegian mudlark Rustie.

‘Lose Yourself’ is taken from the Frenchman’s 2011 album USA. The original reads like a glossy Kraftwerk reboot, with sewing machine percussion augmented by a sultry female vocal. Rustie’s take is much bolder, a veritable Catherine wheel of colour and noise.

Whereas Ann Saunderson’s vocal on Surkin’s edit feels fairly tacked on, Rustie places the hook front and centre. Enumerating all the elements and influences in Rustie’s cut would take an age: crunk drum fills, acid house synth stabs and UK Funky syncopated riddims all cluster like flotsam.

As well as popping up on the single, Rustie’s edit will also feature on a forthcoming USA remix album: A-TrakL-Vis & Bok Bok, and Para One are all set to contribute. The ‘Lose Yourself’ single is due on April 2 through Marble. You can stream a clip of the remix below.



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